Need a construction company in Texas?

We have you covered with Precision Corporate Services a construction company in Texas and how we will handle any commercial construction job.

Houston-based Precision Corporate Services develops, builds, renovates, and manages projects for our esteemed clients.

Creating iconic spaces that inspire success from the inside out has always been the primary focus of our company. 

Precision Corporate Services uses the latest design and management software to provide clients with accurate project schedules and budgets.

What Do We Do:

Precision Corporate Services is the leading construction company in Texas for development with forward-thinking ideas and policies.

We are proud that every community and brick we lay reflects our strong ideas and expertise.

Our Services:

New Construction Company & Build-outs

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The build-out is the work to finish a commercial project. These tasks may include tenant renovation adjustments.

Architects, builders, construction teams, and general contractors must work together on new building projects.

Precision Corporate Services’ experts will complete state requirements and codes and meet the project owner’s vision.

The next step is to conduct a location investigation. An inspection of the construction site assists the project team in anticipating environmental issues. 

As part of this procedure, we conduct soil analysis.

After getting the necessary building permits, a site is ready for occupation.

Texas-based construction company works with experts to meet clients’ needs.

Remodeling & Additions

Need a construction company in Texas?

You’ll need a reliable construction company in Texas if you’re building a new business, renovating, or starting from scratch. We have licenses and certifications to perform renovations and additions to a new commercial location. 

After inspecting the area, Precision Corporate Services site managers will discuss the needed renovations. Precision Corporate Services can help with changes, additions, or both. 

The client can use the faucets, toilets, and other elements often, they must be water-efficient, attractive, and durable. 

We installed the ductwork for the HVAC system. HVAC systems improve air quality and keep buildings at a comfortable temperature.

Project Management 

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The project manager analyzes the strategy to ensure it stays on track with the construction company in Texas.

If the construction is not managed properly things can quickly get out of control.

The project manager will set manageable goals and ensure that no one person or group takes on all the work. This helps things run smoothly. Precision Corporate Services’ project manager organizes milestones. You can keep the project on track or delay it as a client.

The project manager is responsible for allocating and requesting funds on an as-needed basis. You will receive an estimate from them, allowing you to formulate a financial plan and progress toward it. 

The project manager is responsible for acquiring the necessary permits at the appropriate times. Ensuring team communication.

The obligations should be up to date and reports regularly to promote transparency and efficiency.

Construction Management

Need a construction company in Texas?

Construction managers ensure that all aspects of the building process, including the procedures themselves, run efficiently. As a result, they can recognize potential problems in their early stages before they develop into major issues. 

Effective commercial construction management executes the business owner’s vision without missing any key parts.

You can be sure that everything will go according to plan because Precision Corporate Services’ construction managers have experience organizing and overseeing all aspects of the building process. Also, as a construction company based in Texas, we are sure that we can give our clients the best quality possible. 

Construction tenant and office renovations

Need a construction company in Texas?

Precision Corporate Services can help with architecture and engineering if you’re building or renting a commercial building

Architectural and engineering plans can help you get building permits and finish construction on time and within budget. 

Precision Corporate Services works with you to create a cost-effective, customized structural and architectural solution.  

Precision Corporate Services provides blueprints, engineers, and architects to design solutions that match your company’s image and mission.

We understand your requirements, our skilled team will begin planning and drawing the project.  

Precision Corporate Services can finish quickly, and you can track project progress in real-time. 

Precision Corporate Services’ world-class employees, many of whom worked in construction companies in Texas, drive our success and experience. 

Each individual contributes to the company with distinct abilities and points of view.  

Our strong company culture benefits our customers, who mostly return and refer us. 

This shows our commitment to high-quality projects on time and within budget in a professional and collaborative environment.

Precision Corporate Services (PCS) uses us for licensed, insured construction specialists who do great work. 

We are the company to contact if you need new construction, build-out, remodeling, or project management services. Our team has a wide variety of construction contractors, with training and certified commercial construction project managers. 

One of Houston’s top firms for new construction and renovation work. 

Our clients appreciate our high level of service. Any scale of construction undertaking is within our scope of competence. 


Precision Corporate Services have been of service to tens of thousands of companies for many years. We are clear about the steps that we need to follow. 

We can build a new commercial building for your company from scratch, ensuring high-quality materials, and a smooth project. 

If you hire us, we will talk about your designs and the expectations you have for them. As a construction company in Texas, we will create your dream project. 

Do not hesitate to call us if you need a quote. 

Regarding our regular work and transactions, we operate as a unified and cohesive unit. Suppose you go with us as your construction partner. We will make sure that you will get the best quality. 

The project that we do will exceed your expectations. From design to delivery, we prioritize customers.

Call (281) 719-0133, email, or visit 719 Sawdust Road, Suite 201 in Spring, Texas 77380 for a free quote.