Remodeling Contractor provides various building services, letting them know their company can handle any building project.

Starting a construction project can be intimidating, especially if you are an entrepreneur who has never done this before. Knowing what is involved in the process may help alleviate some of the stress.

If you hire a construction company, you have to be sure they are trustworthy and can deliver the kind of building that you want. 

Whether starting from scratch or renovating and expanding to open a new business, a dependable and trustworthy construction company in Texas is required. 

You have to be sure that they are working closely with the business manager to ensure the project is progressing as planned is required for commercial renovation.

A construction company can offer many services, but you must be clear and wise about choosing which is right for your project. In the long run, new construction frequently results in lower maintenance costs.

Precision Corporate Services handle everything from electrical to environmental issues, and new construction allows for cutting-edge technology throughout the structure. 

Precision Corporate Services are licensed and certified to do renovations and additions to a new business site. 

They have site managers that will inspect the area to be renovated, discuss what type of renovations are required, and whether you need to make changes, add new elements, or both, ensuring that everything will be delivered according to the client’s wish. 

Among the services they offer, Precision Corporate Services have amiable staff that will help you choose what kind of service is right for your construction project and help you throughout the remodeling process and building your construction project.

Below are the following services that Precision Corporate Services offer:

Commercial New Construction and Build-outs

Remodeling an Entire Building? We Got You Covered with Precision Corporate Services

There are a few essential considerations to keep in mind when it comes to the planning and execution of your commercial build-out. Build-out is essential to customize the space you have leased or rented to meet your company’s requirements. 

For instance, a dining area and a kitchen space are necessities for a business that operates as a restaurant. A retail establishment would require storage and a selling area to function properly. 

As part of our construction, we will be making any necessary adjustments to the location, such as installing new accessories, partitions, air conditioning vents, lighting, and outlets, among other things. 

To get things rolling, you must choose a reputable and reliable architect and a construction company with much experience.

Precision Construction Services is always ready to listen to your project if you need a dependable construction company in Texas for your new construction or build-out project. They have assisted thousands of companies in acquiring the appropriate business interior for their needs. 

Give Precision Corporate Services a call if you have any questions or inquiries.

Commercial Remodeling and Additions


Do you need new office areas or conference rooms for your company? Do you want a business building addition to a new location, or is an existing business common? 

Precision Corporate Services provide building additions such as conference rooms, new office areas, and other amenities if you want to install new electrical outlets, lighting, possibly new plumbing, storage, a supply closet, and other features.

The Precision Corporate Services team will ensure the plumbing elements are ready. Worker safety is as important as job quality and speed in any construction project. 

When you choose us for plumbing additions, the visible fixtures will function just as well as the concealed components of the plumbing system.

They are the people to call when it comes to new building additions. Commercial building additions can take several forms. 

Look no further if you are looking for a reliable company that can comprehend and fulfill your requirements.

Call Precision Corporate Services at (281) 719-0133 and let them know what kind of addition you require, and we will ensure you receive it.

Adding Beautiful New Spaces

Whatever business you run, you may require new premises at some point. The good news is that construction companies like Precision Corporate Services are specialized professionals who can assist you in adding space to your commercial building. 

Adding new space necessitates planning a layout to ensure that everything you require from the new space is met. If you require a new office space where employees can work, be creative, and be productive, Precision Corporate Services can design one for you.

Suppose you own a restaurant and require new cold storage. Precision Corporate Services can set up areas for a new cooling unit, storage racks, insulated walls, doors, etc. 

If you need more space for a new conference room, new space construction includes wiring, outlets, furniture, equipment, and vents. 

They ensure you get what you asked for when you hire Precision Corporate Services. They can also increase outdoor space by building a new garage, parking lot, or swimming pool.

Before Precision Corporate Services can begin, the architects will communicate the expectations, design the layout, and get it approved. The client’s space planner and furniture and fixture providers will also assist with the interior layout and design of the area. 

Given the fast-paced nature of most organizations, you may want to prioritize furnishings over construction. As a result, future reorganization of the area will be easier.

Precision Corporate Services will make your construction project easier as they guide you with the planning to construction.

Office Renovating and Remodeling


You should select an architect who is familiar with your industry, listens to your goals, and can assist you in achieving the desired build-out. 

The architect will discuss your goals and design while keeping your expectations in mind and the area they are working with in mind. 

As a dependable company, they should be able to handle the entire renovation and remodeling project from start to finish.

Choosing an experienced and trustworthy commercial construction company is essential for the success of your construction project. If you own a corporate office or another type of office, you should be able to tell the professionals what office layout you require. 

Precision Corporate Services will renovate the area to meet your specifications. They have teams to ensure your office meets all building codes and regulations. Office renovations entail the installation of new electrical fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and other items.

Because they know you will regularly use the faucets, toilets, and other elements, they must be water-efficient, appealing, and long-lasting. 

Precision Corporate Services also put in ductwork for the HVAC system. HVAC systems not only regulate the temperature of a building, but they also improve air quality.

Commercial Project Management

Remodeling an Entire Building? We Got You Covered with Precision Corporate Services

You choose the right construction company for your commercial project manager. So, just what is a commercial project manager? 

A project manager is required for any commercial property renovation, build-out, or new construction. They are in charge of ensuring that the project runs smoothly.

In the early stages of a project, short and long-term planning and benchmarking are required to ensure that compliance and regulatory requirements are met and that each step of the plan has been successfully communicated with all stakeholders. 

They will draft contracts to benefit Texas construction companies and their client. For sourcing, they will hire the necessary contractors and suppliers. 

For example, they may hire plumbing, electrical, flooring, and roofing contractors as needed and ensure they coordinate with the other contractors. Costs and timelines will be calculated. 

They will oversee the entire process, developing and implementing procedures.

Do you require a Commercial Construction Project Manager?

The project manager must analyze the strategy throughout the project to ensure it remains on track.

 If a construction or renovation project is poorly managed, things can quickly spiral out of control. 

Even the absence of one worker could cause the entire project to stall, which the project manager will not allow. 

To keep things moving, the project manager will divide the work into manageable goals, ensuring that no one person or group assumes all of the responsibilities. 

Knowing how to organize these milestones allows you to keep the project on track or, if necessary, push it back.

As needed, the project manager will allocate and request funds. They will provide you with an estimate so that you can create a budget and work toward it. 

Permits will be obtained by the project manager as needed. The Project Manager also ensures you and the team can talk to each other well. 

With the help of Precision Corporate Services, you will have an expert project manager who will ensure everything is according to the plan and schedule.

Look no further if you are looking for a reliable company that can comprehend and fulfill your requirements.

Call Precision Corporate Services at (281) 719-0133 and let them know what kind of addition you require, and we will ensure you receive it.

Tenant and Office Build-outs


Tenant improvement/build-out projects occur when a commercial real estate agency collaborates with a building owner to lease an entire building or a suite within a building. 

Tenant build-outs are essential if you want to ensure that your business space is customized to your needs and essential to your brand. 

When considering leasing space for your business, it is critical to understand what types of improvements are available.

Every business has specific needs; building out or fitting out allows you to tailor a lease space to those needs.

Walled offices, a break room or kitchen, an extra bathroom, conference rooms, drop ceilings, and painting are all possible additions to the build-out. 

Dental chairs and cabinets, medical procedure tables, industry-specific lighting, and other items are available.

Precision Corporate Services can help you with architecture and engineering if you want to build a commercial building, rent a commercial space, or customize your facility to suit your business needs better. 

They also offer architecture and engineering plans to assist you in obtaining building permits and completing your construction on time and within budget.

Precision Corporate Services work with you to create a cost-effective structural and architectural solution that meets all your construction project requirements, whether you want to remove walls to create an open floor office layout, add space to an existing building, or improve the facade of a new store or restaurant.

Precision Corporate Services provide blueprints to allow construction to begin and engineers and architects to design solutions that reflect your company’s look, feel, and vision. 

After understanding the client’s needs, the expert team creates project plans and drawings. 

Precision Corporate Services are known to have a quick turnaround time, and you can track the progress of your project in real-time.


The planning process can be time-consuming, but with each step you take, you will get closer and closer to beginning your project with a crystal-clear picture of what lies ahead. 

Your chosen construction team, including the design professional, the contractor, and yourself, will be able to begin the project on the same page with a well-detailed plan if you invest the time upfront in making that investment.

Remodeling the entire building construction is hard work and needs an expert. 

You should choose someone that considers themselves the leaders in construction development because of innovative ideas and policies used to deliver successful projects to their clients and provide them with services consistently.

Like Precision Corporate Services, they take pride in constructing each community and each brick we lay to reflect our work with strong ideas and expertise. Engineering technologies, project management, supervision, advanced techniques, and communication have been key to our long-term client relationships.

Precision Corporate Services is a Houston, Texas-based corporate commercial construction company specializing in land development, build-out, renovations, and project management for well-known clients. 

Call us at (281) 719-0133, or email them at for more information or inquiries.