Government Buildings

Precision Corporate Services offers construction such as government buildings and design its interior for the productivity of its employees. We can build government buildings that will provide ergonometric designs for the employees to work on their spaces.

Government Buildings

Our company is unique in the building industry in terms of experience and scope of knowledge related to serving government building requirements, thanks to an exceptional team focused on helping our clients.

Government contracting procedures are stringent, and our government clients’ demands for quick, high-quality building space are high.

Our project managers have years of experience designing, managing, and manufacturing federal government buildings inside and outside the continental United States. We are experts in the strict standards and complexities of codes and regulations that define government buildings and the uniqueness of the government purchasing system and Federal Acquisition Regulations. We construct a wide range of modular buildings to meet a variety of government requirements, including:

  • Military Barracks,
  • Military Bases,
  • Prisons and Jails,
  • Police Stations,
  • Fire Stations,
  • Courthouses,
  • and Government Administration Offices

From site assessment to move-in support, we provide a single source to meet your construction needs for projects ranging from laboratories to courtrooms, conference rooms to data centers. We are sensitive to our government construction projects’ unique needs, such as security, access control, threat protection, coordination with multiple stakeholders, and sensitivity to public visibility, in addition to standard project considerations such as schedule and quality.

Government Buildings

Our services have been tried and proven excellent by various institutions throughout the country, ranging from government to medical, commercial to residential.

We are the industry leader in budget optimization and project optimization.

We work together to ensure construction labor efficiency and productivity to complete the project on time and within budget. Our ultimate goal is to provide value to clients through a zero-waste value-creation process. Simply put, we promise to offer more value with fewer resources.

Precision Corporate Services offers comprehensive engineering and architectural services to various industries. Our interdisciplinary approach and the coordination of our experienced professionals result in the most cost-effective project solutions. We design with budget and time constraints while keeping in mind structural integrity, safety, and building code environmental requirements.

A healthy building requires good indoor air quality. Low air quality can cause cardiac and respiratory illness, among other health issues. Various studies have found that coronavirus cases are more common in low-air-quality areas. Every building is unique, and our engineering team is well-versed in the most effective ways to improve air quality. We recognize the critical need for healthy air in non-hospital buildings as well. Given the importance of indoor air quality to human health, we are here to provide stringent design guidelines.

Precision Corporate Services specializes in the design, construction, and renovation of commercial properties. We are upfront and honest and communicate with you at every stage of your project. We have completed projects for the local, state, and federal governments. We bring the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for completing your project on time and within budget.

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