Precision Corporate Services focuses on building structures, including Malls. Our building maintenance services encompass renovating and remodeling retail stores, offices, financial institutions, healthcare and educational facilities, government properties, warehouses, and shipping facilities, as well as constructing modern offices, modular buildings, public greenways and parks, and metal buildings and canopies.

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In-house construction includes the installation of concrete pads, ramps and sidewalks, framing, drywall, wood trim work, doors, frames, acoustical ceilings, and locks, as well as pallet racking systems. We are ready to deploy our list of qualified contractors at any time. The following services are as follows:

  • Emergency Services
  • Pre-construction Design and Estimating
  • Design/Build
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Services
  • Office Build-outs, Renovation, and Expansion
  • Remodeling
  • Building Sustainability
  • Upgrades
  • Malls

We can expedite your project and provide cost-effective solutions to help you meet your budgetary objectives. We recommend designing an eco-friendly, high-performance building to save money on construction costs for years to come. A successful project requires precise, efficient, and effective commercial building estimates. Precision Corporate Services offers professional retail cost-estimating services to all clients, including contractors, subcontractors, commercial zone developers, architects, engineers, malls, and lenders. Our experts believe that accurate estimate services are fundamental for proper budget creation. Furthermore, it aids in determining cost control throughout the project lifecycle. Our estimators all have extensive experience with commercial takeoff and estimation.

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Do You Want The Best Commercial Construction Consultation With Accurate Estimates And Forecasting For Your Malls?

Or do you need to gain the knowledge to analyze the billing material for specific project sizes, complexity, and trade?

We have adequate coverage for all of your requirements. We ensure accurate and on-time cost estimation by utilizing highly skilled expert consultants, surveyors, engineers, and architects. Undoubtedly, the one that meets your requirements. Furthermore, our expert team assists you in achieving your objectives. Regardless of the project requirements, whether estimate preparation, profit maximization, or smart bidding, we do everything we can to make you stand out.

Estimates For The Design Phase

Precision Corporate Services’ experts involve all architects, developers, and designers in a systematic manner. In commercial projects, almost all stakeholders are involved. We use commercial paint estimating software to design the best interiors. Throughout the design phase, our skilled staff provides cost evaluation for various design substitutes. Furthermore, it allows our experts to thoroughly analyze and tailor the designs to the client’s budget. Indeed, we avoid adding extra costs through the commercial cost estimator or endpoint overturns.

Furthermore, our design phase cost estimation includes all conceptual, schematic, and developmental designs. Finally, we provide a thorough review of drawings and specifications. It will undoubtedly eliminate all errors and improve trade consistency for malls.

Budget Making

Precision Corporate Services will also tell you how much money you’ll need. Remember that accurate cost estimation is the heart of budget creation. It is primarily for designers, engineers, and architects. It is, indeed, during the project’s design phase. Therefore, architects can benefit from our exceptional commercial construction services. Our budget will base on the submitted drawings and schematic plans.

As a result, Precision Corporate Services can provide you with budget estimates as your development phase progresses.

When you need a reliable company for your new construction or build-out, we are the people you can trust. We have helped thousands of businesses get the business interior you need. Call us! ((281) 719-0133) or email us ( If you have any inquiries or questions.