Water And Wastewater

The Most Important Infrastructure

Both public and private users rely on reliable drinking water and wastewater treatment. We provide cost certainty and minimal disruption to operations when expanding, improving, or building new facilities. Our value engineering and constructability recommendations help ratepayers get the most out of their construction dollars. We find ways to shorten schedules to deliver capacity sooner. Furthermore, specialty treatment equipment can cost millions of dollars and requires longer lead times and special design considerations. Precision Corporate Services provides advice on water and wastewater construction.

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Maintaining Position

We are still at the cutting edge of treatment technology today, providing advanced water treatment facilities for indirect potable reuse and (ZLD) zero liquid discharge. The teams` project approach starts with meeting client needs, with options for CMAR, Design-Build, and CM/GC delivery. We have expertise in a variety of advanced technologies, including:

  • Filtration
  • Membrane treatment (including reverse osmosis)
  • Desalination
  • Advanced oxidation
  • No liquid discharge (ZLD)

Precision Corporate Services specializes in new plant construction and understand the complexities of building within existing plants. Our large workforce, equipment fleet, and self-performance capabilities enable us to complete projects on time and within budget.

Precision Corporate Services can keep costs and schedules under control by performing work such as process pipe and equipment installation, yard piping, concrete placement, and structural steel fabrication and erection. In addition, we collaborate closely with our clients and leading engineers to fully comprehend project objectives and develop optimal solutions for water and wastewater infrastructure needs.

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We leverage our construction experience and collaborative mindset as a trusted construction partner to public and private-sector clients. We offer comprehensive planning, design, construction, and construction management services that meet the needs of the industry.

We build to exceed our client’s expectations for safety, quality, functionality, and aesthetics and deliver lasting assets.

We conduct business with a solid commitment to ethics and fairness. Our work and people are to the highest professional standards. Finally, we believe that doing the right thing and treating everyone with dignity is the only way to conduct business.

No project is successful unless safety is the foundation. With proper planning and training, employee engagement and empowerment, and constant vigilance, to prevent accidents. Many people consider the water systems that support our country only during drought or disaster. Still, the systems that provide clean water and environmentally safe wastewater management to hundreds of millions of Americans are critical to daily life.

We collaborate with your design team to fully understand the wastewater and water treatment plant construction. Then we build solutions that meet your community’s needs as technology evolves and systems age.

We ensure that our safety measures and the quality of our work are in every aspect of every water and wastewater project we take on, beginning with the design phase. Precision Corporate Services understands that building projects correctly the first time puts us in a better position to deliver facilities on time and within budget.

When you need a reliable company for your new construction or build-out, we are the people you can trust. We have helped thousands of businesses get the business interior you need. Call us! ((281) 719-0133) or email us (info@precisioncorporateservices.com) If you have any inquiries or questions.