Industrial Design and Development

Precision Corporate Services also excels in industrial construction. We have teams that respond to the needs and urgencies of industrial companies as needed. We create projects from the ground up at the industrial level. Our portfolio includes the development of factories, warehouses, cold storage facilities, and workshops and the restructuring and industrialization of existing facilities. We must keep a close eye on the Industrial Constructions sector. Doing our best to serve our clients. Therefore, we make it a point to be present at the construction site daily, allowing the work to progress naturally. Our experience, responsiveness, rapid resolution in the face of obstacles, and the fact that we do not rely on others to move projects forward give us a competitive advantage over other companies in the same field. When we start new projects, we form partnerships that allow us to be more responsive. We try to strike a balance between price and quality, but in the end, we always choose the option that guarantees us the best service to our customers.


Design And Construction Of A Warehouse

Precision Corporate Services provides a wide range of services, such as warehouse design, tilt panel construction, mezzanines, warehouse office construction, and total building and maintenance management, completing your project on time and within budget. We will tailor the construction budget and timeline and manage all trades to ensure a positive construction experience.

Warehouse refurbishments, new roofing and re-roofing, fire doors, exit doors, roller shutter doors, and warehouse fit-outs are among the other industrial building services we offer. Our team includes drafts people, builders, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, concreters, and flooring and roofing specialists. As a result, we can provide truly comprehensive and detailed project management because we have such a diverse and talented team overseeing every warehouse build or fit-out aspect from concept to completion.

We can design and outfit your warehouse for maximum safety and efficiency. For example, in a busy warehouse, our line marking and floor sealing service aids in traffic flow and shelf setup. Our team can apply line markings in bright, safe colors before sealing the entire warehouse floor to protect the markings and the concrete, resulting in a long-lasting and forgiving surface.

Renovating A Warehouse

If you’ve recently purchased or leased a warehouse space that doesn’t quite meet your needs, contact us to discuss your options for making it a functional workplace. Sometimes a few simple changes are needed to meet your safety obligations as a business owner while creating a layout and workflow that allows for increased productivity and profitability.

Our warehouse renovation and refurbishment, which includes partitions and ceilings, will result in more functional space delineation. In addition, updates and repairs to existing electrical and lighting systems will improve the warehouse’s safety and usability.

We can build mezzanine levels for offices or staff amenities and workstations or shelving fixtures to improve your company’s day-to-day operations. We can also assist you in updating or relocating your office space, either inside or outside the warehouse.

When you need a reliable company for your new construction or build-out, we are the people you can trust. We have helped thousands of businesses get the business interior you need. Call us! ((281) 719-0133) or email us (info@precisioncorporateservices.com) If you have any inquiries or questions