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In today’s tight economy, where Schools and Universities are under pressure from taxpayers to make the best use of the tax dollars they receive, school leaders aim to strike a balance between cost and demand for high-quality learning environments. We understand that constructing new facilities necessitates careful planning. As a result, choosing the general contractor to work with you is critical—you’ll need someone who will take the time to assist you in obtaining answers and providing the guidance you require to make the best decisions.

Best Schools and Universities Construction

Precision Corporate Services has been a reliable partner in public and private school construction, assisting school administrators, board members, and communities in maintaining this delicate balance in Schools and Universities. We have worked on constructing every type of school, including elementary, secondary, and high schools, and colleges. In addition, we can build, renovate, and remodel conference rooms, training rooms, and auditoriums. You expect quality work and exceptional performance from your students and employees, and you should expect the same from your general contractor.

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Why Choose Us?

Precision Corporate Services not only meets but exceeds our education clients’ expectations in Schools and Universities. There is always a need for new technologies and safer buildings, and our team is eager to assist in providing the best. Furthermore, following your summer school schedule, we will complete it efficiently and on time. Our estimator and project manager will also collaborate with your school boards to help determine school construction financing.

Precision Corporate Services‘ primary goal as a company is to improve people’s lives through the environments we help create. The construction of Schools and Universities is no exception. We can be your project manager for any renovation, refurbishment, or fit-out in an educational space. We think of ourselves as curators of learning experiences in the areas we can influence with great design and building rather than just a construction company in the education sector.

We work best when we are involved early in strategy, at the master-planning stage, as this provides us the best opportunity to create solutions that meet our client’s long-term aspirations in the Schools and Universities sector. In addition, education environments are designed and constructed for a specific generation of students, and we see our role as fostering a positive generational experience.

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A Skilled School Construction Partner

The success of an education project’s construction stage is frequently a direct reflection of the coherence of the planning and design stages. Excellent strategy leads to exceptional design, and perfect design leads to successful construction. We’re here to help you manage this journey.
Precision Corporate Services works best with an early engagement model in which construction advice unifies with the design process. The importance of buildability emphasizes early in the project cycle.

Construction and project management in education spaces, such as schools and universities, and across different areas, such as classrooms, laboratories, and libraries, necessitate careful planning, especially at live operational sites where it prioritizes the safety and integrity of the learning environment for everyone. We work in all school settings, from kindergarten to primary and secondary school, in the public and private sectors, and at universities. We are ready to collaborate with you whether your project is in its early stages or beyond or if you have a project that you want.

It’s Time For Roll Call!

We want to assist you, whether you require a project manager to help with the refurbishment or fit-out of a school building or classrooms or sound advice on the viability of a project. We are not just a construction company with a fantastic design team; how an education space functions in terms of learning and interaction are just as essential to us as how it looks.

Because of our consultative approach to business, particularly our strategy-led approach to making the right project decisions, we are initially excited to have a conversation with you to determine if our specific skills match your aspirations.

Let’s Talk About It!

When you need a reliable company for your new construction or build-out, we are the people you can trust. We have helped thousands of businesses get the business interior you need. Call us! ((281) 719-0133) or email us ( If you have any inquiries or questions.