Oil And Gas Facilities

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Oil and Gas Facilities Construction

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Upstream Construction Drilling

Upstream construction entails extracting oil from the ground by drilling a well to produce oil and natural gas. Our workers clear and prepare the site for evacuation after identifying and determining where to drill.

Our construction workers clear a road to the site and level the specific worksite where drilling occurs during site preparation. We keep all safety hazards in mind during job site preparation, including:

  • Pedestrian traffic and ground personnel
  • Buried pipelines and cables that could be electrical, flammable, or toxic
  • Construction vehicle traffic
  • Weather and its effect on the terrain

After excavating, the construction project continues. We use Cranes, rig-up trucks, and forklifts to assemble and prepare the rig for drilling. This procedure entails the following:

  • Installing handrails, guardrails, stairs, walkways, and ladders
  • Installing auxiliary equipment such as the catwalk and pipe racks
  • Performing safety inspections to prevent falling, slipping, or tripping
Pipeline Construction

Pipeline Construction

Gas pipeline projects transport fuel from the site to nearby homes and businesses. Our oil and gas development has six stage process:

  • Staging areas – Where materials and equipment, such as sandbags, are stored.
  • Clear-cutting the row – Clear-cut the pipeline and haul off large trees
  • Excavating – Dig the trench
  • Pipe transport – Lay pipe sections
  • Obstacles – Locate potential construction stumbling blocks such as roads and streams
  • Testing and restoration – Ensure pipeline integrity.

The pipes are laid down alongside the trenches after our workers dig them and transport the necessary materials to the staging area. To prevent corrosion, the pipe sections are bent using bending and welding tools, sandblasting, and coated joints.

Hazards at this stage include the local environment (streams and wetlands), land terrain, inclement weather, and equipment, as with upstream drilling. In addition, explosions are a significant concern at this stage due to the amount of welding. Precision Corporate Services guarantees that we will take all necessary safety precautions to protect our employees and your job site.

Downstream Construction Of Refinery Plants

Manufacturing, refining, and selling natural gas products derived from crude oil are all part of downstream construction. Although not as hands-on as pipeline transportation, site preparation, and rigging, our construction workers play an essential role in the oil and natural gas pipeline’s downstream construction.

We identify as many potential hazards on the job site as we can anticipate during any new construction. However, construction activities are never-ending after constructing a refinery plant. Therefore, construction workers are essential to the ongoing success of your plant, from building new platform structures to adding new building components on time and within budget.

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